STEPS/EI Summer Research/Fellowship Symposium

YOU Can Make a Difference Concerning the Environment! 
STEPS  & EI Summer 2019 PAID Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Funding is Limited 

Applications for Summer 2019 are accepted now through February 8, 2019. Apply by click here...

  • Paid Summer Fellowships of 6 to 10 weeks duration
  • All Colleges and All Majors can apply (undergraduates)
  • Engage in creative, independent research under faculty  supervision (on campus or local community)
  • Areas of interest include energy, environment, policy, economics and sustainability
Find out more information, email Professor Don Morris Director of EI

The faculty and students of the EI program celebrate the beginning of each fall semester honoring the recipients of the undergraduate STEPS-EI Summer Research/Fellowship Symposium. The students present the results of their summer activities in a poster session. These posters are below in PDF format.

2018 Symposium Program

View gallery of the 2018 symposium here
EI-STEPS Summer Research Internship Program
Lehigh in Costa Rica Interns
Mountaintop Projects
2017 Symposium Program
View gallery of the 2017 symposium here

2016 Symposium Program

View gallery of the 2016 symposium here
Mountaintop Sustainable Development Labs
The Spotted Lanternfly of the Lehigh Valley
An Alternative Solution for Drinking Water in Myeik, Myanmar
Mountaintop LV Shares
LV Shares

2014 Symposium Program

A professor speaks with a student at the 2014 STEPS Symposium

Costa Rica - 2014

EI STEPS - 2014

Mountaintop Experience - 2014

2013 Symposium Program

Students at the 2013 STEPS Symposium

Costa Rica - 2013

EI STEPS - 2013

Humanitarian Engineering  - 2013