Environment Studies Major (BA)

Lehigh Univeristy environmental studiesThe BA program is intended for students who are interested in environmental affairs from the perspectives of the social sciences and humanities. This degree will prepare students for a variety of career options including positions in policy agencies at the federal, state and local government levels, corporate management, non-profit organizations, environmental journalism or environmental law. It also will prepare students for graduate studies in a number of environmental policy and social science fields, including the Lehigh University's MA in Environmental Policy Design.
The BA is specifically designed to be broadly inclusive yet flexible enough to allow for double majors and minors in other fields. Double majors or minors in social science fields such as anthropology, communication, history, international relations, journalism, political science, psychology, science and environmental writing or sociology could easily be accomplished. Minors in the sciences, such as Earth and Environmental Sciences, also can be easily completed. If students are not pursuing a double major, a minor program in another field to complement the Environmental Studies major is highly recommended but not required.
The major consists of three required and four core courses, plus four elective or additional core courses chosen from a list that follows. The BA is considered a social sciences major and most of its courses fulfill college social science distribution requirements. Its collateral requirements, which include a social science research methods course, one course in statistics and three basic science courses, can be used to fulfill college math and science distribution requirements. Honors: To graduate with honors, a major in Environmental Studies must maintain a 3.2 overall average, attain a 3.5 average in the courses constituting the major program, and complete an honors thesis in the senior year.