BA Program in Environmental Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies is a major component of the educational arm of a large interdisciplinary program of education, research, and outreach called the Environmental Initiative (EI). The Environmental Studies BA program examines the cultural, economic, historical, political and social factors that influence local, national, international and global environmental issues and policies. Investigating a wide range of perspectives, it includes a broad exposure to many factors confronting humans as they struggle with complex problems and possible solutions to environmental questions.
The interdisciplinary program includes courses in 4 colleges and 10 different departments. Most of its courses are in social science disciplines but there are also offerings in humanities, education, science, mathematics and engineering. The program has been designed so students will develop a broad understanding of social science environmental concerns, along with a basic familiarity with environmental science, statistics and research methods. Of benefit to all students interested in environmental issues, this new B.A. degree will complement existing B.A. and B.S. programs in Earth and Environmental Sciences and the B.S. program in Environmental Engineering.